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"If you were to give advice to a large group of people, what would it be?" "Whatever it is in your life that you’re worried about, let it go.""Do you feel like you’re able to achieve that?" "Most of the time. Lately I’ve been reading about anxiety and how most things we worry about are in the future or the past. Like I’ll start overthinking things and then feel like I need to write about it to work it out and then I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s going to take up my whole day…’ So, it’s really about just letting it go and doing whatever it is you need to do and being present.”

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as it happens

i feel like if i even try to finish out school here, i just won’t. i really honestly see that. with the job i have + commuting and trying to balance time (which obviously already hasn’t worked well). That could either be a good thing or not but i just REALLY know that finishing school here isn’t likely. it’s so hard to imagine for whatever reason.

Like when i’d rather stay working than bother making the drive to campus.

ALSO the heat - that’s about to get worse- makes it that much less appealing. 

I’m over college and ready to be done with it. i’m not super enjoying it.

If i do go to reno, the time would probably fly by faster, because i’d probably load up on the courses (instead of a measly 12 per semester). 

Also- how i’ve been saying i can only do one thing (either school or work) with my business. well, going to reno i’d only be doing school so the rest of my time i can devote to my business pursuits—and not netflix D:

of course i can envision my business here a lot easier because of my job. having that employee discount makes allllll the difference. i have to start investing and loading up on supplies now.

it’s just that, if i go to reno, i can’t let myself get sad or bored. that’s reallllly instrumental in this whole thing working. i’d be focusing on my writing and more self growth and whatnots. it’d be a different environment, which i probably need….



the fact that that ^ rhymes is reason enough.

plus they have a cool spanish opportunity there.


i should just go. enough of it all. the second guessing mess that i always do.. i just want to be done thinking. and done in general.

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7 Steps for Maintaining Motivation


1. Grasp that it’s YOUR life, and no-one else’s life.

2. Decide to “live on purpose”.

3. Recognise that achievement has a price tag attached to it – and decide you’ll pay that price.

4. Work on constantly maintaining your focus.

5. Chose a skill or a field and become competent, or an expert,…

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and here we are again

i’ve been in a reno bubble the past week. but i’m trying to think clearly and not make any rash decisions!

the thought of eng+span and bus minor works. i didn’t change my focus, really, except re-arranging the focus of each. i like how that sounds/feels a lot better(:

also bc it seems weird to get a bus bachelor and then an mba. redundant>? like where’s your wide knowledge base? plus language fascinates me. and i’m rather on track for that combination of study.

heck i could finish up the minor over the summer just about (with a full load). okay. so that course oof study is something i could do.

now the question is should i go up to reno to finish, or stay here?

a pros/cons list is required

to go to reno

  • it’s actually a good school
  • college feel
  • potential to make friends at a noncommunter school
  • nature
  • independent living once more
  • it’s not vegas!
  • best friend’s there
  • possibly more job opportunities
  • the faculty cares
  • college experience
  • costs the same as where i go now
  • it’s only 2ish years i have left
  • will be able to focus on school 100%
  • san fran is a short drive away
  • i deserve a proper college experience, however brief
  • it’s that much closer to oregon/washington&maybe job recruiters will come down from there
  • it’s a bargain-tier 1 school for tier 2 prices

to not go to reno

  • cost of living is more than tuition
  • it’s an 8 hr drive
  • loss of comfort of living at home
  • diversity ?
  • same classes here
  • my awesome job is here, not there
  • there aren’t many veg places up there
  • not much much to do there
  • money.


i don’t know. 

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